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    RXNT Vs. TherapyNotes EHR: Which Software Suits Your Practice


    Both of these pieces of software make it easier for doctors to give patients the best care possible while still making money. So, let’s continue reading to learn more.  

    RXNT Vs. TherapyNotes- An Overview  

    RXNT EHR is a comprehensive, cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution that supports medical practices of all sizes and specializations, from small family practices to significant multi-location physician providers across the United States. Our EHR enhances patient care and streamlines processes by enabling real-time access to prescription and health history at the point of service. It complies with HIPAA, Surescripts, and MACRA and is certified by MIPS and ONC.  

    For better care coordination and assistance for the next step, doctors can exchange real-time clinical data with patients and other physicians. In addition, patients can make appointments, send secure messages, examine test results, digitally sign documents and forms, and pay bills, all at the Patient Portal’s convenience.  

    TherapyNotes One of the most popular practice managements (PM), billing, and electronic medical records (EMR) systems for mental health professionals is EMR software, which is specially designed to streamline therapists’ operations. The web-based approach seeks to deliver high-quality care by giving therapists more face time to concentrate on their patients rather than on paperwork.  

    Features and price comparison- RXNT Vs. TherapyNotes  

    The fully integrated ambulatory healthcare software suite from RXNT enhances revenue management processes and optimizes clinical practice workflows. The Practice Management (PM) system comprises medical billing, scheduling, and online bill payment, while the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system contains medical records, e-prescribing (eRx), scheduling, and a PHR portal. Software for medical offices on the web can be used singly or in combination to create a seamless Full Suite system. You can prescribe drugs, charge expenses, arrange practice resources, and check in from anywhere using connected iOS and Android mobile apps. Its beginning monthly cost is $85 with no additional fees.  

    Software for electronic health records called TherapyNotes was created especially for behavioral health and mental health professionals. It lets users stay updated on their everyday activities, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. A Patient Portal, medical billing, scheduling, and keeping electronic health records are just a few of its critical essential functions. The well-known program TherapyNotes EHR serves a sizable user base of more than 30,000 people.  

    This software, created specifically to help mental health professionals, provides a selection of specialty note templates for specialties like behavioral health, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. HIPPA compliance guarantees total data and record security. Its starting price is $49 per month.  

    Overview of RXNT Vs. TherapyNotes Benefits  

    The RXNT EHR provides every essential element needed to make operations for medical professionals more efficient. A fantastic feature that may be completely tailored for your unique practices is patient encounters. With this tool, you can choose between selecting one of the pre-loaded ONC-certified specialty templates or creating your own explicitly tailored to your practice.  

    The charting tool provides straightforward and effective processes that free you up to focus on your patients rather than messing around with complicated software. The Chartings are simple and will be well received by your personnel and the general public.  

    Electronic Prescribing, which is fully integrated to optimize the workflow further, is an interesting additional feature. The functionality includes all the essential components needed for a simple prescription process.  

    Lab Results and Orders will completely automate the paper-based lab service operations. This feature makes it simple to send orders and results online, replacing the manual method with a quicker and more efficient one. The patient Portal is another selling point for this platform. You may access the patient’s medical record quickly and intuitively with the help of these features, which also offer secure communication. This facilitates appointment scheduling and enhances patient security.  

    We must conclude the subject without mentioning the Scheduler, a handy function. It successfully controls patient flow and time to simplify your daily operations. Additionally, fully integrated and adaptable for more straightforward use is the Scheduler.  

    TherapyNotes Benefits  

    TherapyNotes is the solution for behavioral health professionals who want to keep all of their duties, notes, and activities organized. The extensive feature set of the product can substantially help your practice. The following are some advantages of utilizing the system:  

    TherapyNotes EHR is made to assist mental health professionals in efficiently managing their patients’ schedules and appointments so they may give them the finest professional care and therapy. Users manage their schedules using the system’s scheduling and to-do list features. Additionally, one can mark calendars and keep track of all appointments.  

    Users can effortlessly complete their notes using TherapyNotes’ form-based notes system. The system generates messages in therapy, social work, counseling, psychiatry, and psychology. Additionally, it can accommodate all of these professions’ note needs.  

    Due to the ability to upload patient records and other information into the system, the solution enables users to go paperless. These comprise several documents, such as insurance cards and HIPAA agreements. The software supports many computer files, including Word, Excel, and scanned documents. EMRs stored on TherapyNotes are encrypted and backed up to ensure user privacy.  

    Users can save time using the system’s pull-down menus, checkboxes, and searchable ICD-10 diagnosis codes. By appointment information and previous notes, it automatically fills in the necessary note fields. The product is compatible with iPad and Mac OS X dictation apps and dictation software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  

    Using TherapyNotes’ Quick History Review tool, users can quickly retrieve information from old notes. With this feature, it is possible to reference information from earlier notes and pull earlier data into the present message with just one mouse click. In addition, if you need to print a note, you can download it in PDF format, and every printed note will include your practice’s logo by default.  

    Final Thought   

    both software can easily handle the task of maintaining electronic medical records. To give patients the most excellent care and make money simultaneously, they streamline the process for the doctors. Regarding the capabilities it offers and the degree of customizability to medical establishments and experts, both software pieces are incredibly intuitive. However, we still advise you to watch the demo to understand the product’s efficacy for your practice clearly. 

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