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    The Creepy True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Aftermath’


    The brand new Netflix thriller “Aftermath is taking Australia with a storm, securing an appearance in the top ten of the streaming service this weekend. The film is quite thrilling, and has a bizarre plot that has a twist that you must see to be convinced. Did you know that it’s also based on a real tale?

    While the events in this film can be described as wild, they’re not less thrilling than the actual personal tale The Aftermath is the basis for. If you’ve not watched the film but would like to know more about the plot of it’s origins, below is an summary. A couple that is broken Kevin and Natalie require a fresh direction for their deteriorating marriage. Kevin is employed as a crime scene cleaner and eventually, he negotiates an agreement to purchase the house he is cleaning – where a husband killed his wife, and later himself. The couple move in, and then strange things begin to occur.

    Is ‘Aftermath’ Based On A True Story?

    Although we’re told at opening of the film incidents are based on actual events, in reality the actual story is just as bizarre as the movie.

    A couple from real-life Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter have spoken in an interview with the public exclusively in 2015 about their harrowing story after purchasing an apartment situated in San Diego.

    They moved into their home with their baby at the time Janice was nine months pregnant, and then, almost immediately, strange events began to take place.

    What Happened To Jerry Rice & Janice Ruhter?

    Their house was listed for sale on a variety of real estate websites. The house was just bought and it was evidently unusual.

    Similar to the movie in which Kevin and Natalie’s home being advertised as a property for sale Jerry as well as Janice started experiencing problems with their mail In the film, Kevin as well as Natalie receive a plethora of mail outs that they did not sign for. In reality, Jerry and Janice had their mail mysteriously stopped and, even more disturbingly, neighbors started receiving Valentine’s day mailers from the couple, which they did not deliver any gifts.

    It gets more serious. When Janice had her child according People People, “She was horrified to discover her name, picture and address had been posted online advertising for strangers to have sex with her while her husband was away.”

    Who Was Responsible?

    It turned out Kathy Rowe, a 53-year-old who failed to buy an apartment located on the same block was responsible for the agony. She was found guilty of criminal stalking and claimed that the lack of sleep and care for her daughter who is disabled and an sick husband contributed to her conduct.

    They spoke to ABC she said “I had invested so much in this home. When I entered it felt like it was my home… It’s as if there was a bluebird singing and you hear music. When I walked in and it was like my home.”

    What Happened To Kathy Rowe?

    In the final verdict, Kathy Rowe was sentenced to one year of surveillance at home, followed by five years of probation. She also appeared on news media and the case received a well-known throughout San Diego. San Diego area.

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