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    The shapeshifting filter on TikTok is my foe


    There’s a new TikTok trend that claims to inform you if you are Barbie or the Bratz doll or the fairy. The fairy from the cartoon that I didn’t initially recognize, comes evidently from a television show that my colleague Terry Nguyen informs me is named “Winx Club” that is about six fairy-like friends from a fairytale universe that Wikipedia says is about their buddies who do not possess magical powers, but battle with lasers. It sounds great! The best way to determine if you’re Barbie or an Bratz doll or a fairy can be done through the Shapeshifting filter. This is a brand new feature available to US TikTok members that lets you to upload any picture which includes multiple people and then transform your face into the character it thinks you’re the most like. There are other versions that are popular, such as grids featuring actors that are from Harry Potter,the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the Glee cast from 2010.

    In the end this way, this Shapeshifting filter can be described as a brutal action, and must be put on hold. Itoo, as you, enjoy all the fun apps that inform you the type of historical or celebrity your face appears to be. It’s human nature to revel at the sight of a familiar face that is unexpected I’ve once sat down with an expert psychologist on fameand stated that the pleasure that we feel from recognition or seeing the actor from a film doesn’t mean that we are in love with the person, but because our brains are telling you, “You’ve seen that before and you’ve seen it before! !” and it rewards the brain with dopamine. (Which could be the reason for the whole concept behind becoming not only famous “for doing nothing” on TikTok.)

    However, the Shapeshifting filter is a distinct kind of fear, as the Shapeshifting filter is nearly always in error in the most horrible way it can be. Let’s say, for example you want to know the 2016 presidential candidates you resembled, but it constantly tells you that your face are like Ted Cruz no matter the many different facial expressions you attempt. If you’re a white girl trying to determine what Kardashian sister you’re like and instead end up looking like the floating Kanye head. You’re trying to figure out what BTS member you’re, but it’s the businessman that the group is photographing with. This filter isn’t only unprofessional, it’s actually a big problem several TV and film actors have attempted this Shapeshifting filter on photos of press of themselves and their co-stars but the filter is consistently incorrectly.

    At first, I believed that the app was randomizing facial patterns in order to connect two different faces Similar to those Instagram filters that let you know the animal you’re looking like or “vibe of the day” is, even though everyone realizes that it’s really just a slot machine. However, if the system is entirely random, it’s logical that the users wouldn’t receive identical results , no however many times they attempt. I tried this Harry Potter cast photo at least a dozen times , and was always seeing Draco Malfoy. This wasn’t nearly as painful than when I tried using the Glee versions and were told I was akin to the internet’s character Matthew Morrison. I’m not sure that I have enough knowledge of face recognition technologies to comprehend the mechanism behind this and why it’s persistent in shaming me however I’m determined to learn more.

    However, that doesn’t mean that the TikToks that the filter has created haven’t been a lot of fun. There’s one -one of an man who is dressed towards Voldemort but isn’t able to find the persona which caused me to cry and laugh out loud. Another genius shared a picture of the holy trio (Lindsay Lohan Britney Spears and Paris Hilton) to determine the location of his spirit. It is also possible to use the filter to create some very humorous jokes about playing “Copmala” on a drug dealer’s ex that caused you to break your heart. With so many other TikTok trends revolve around face filters just serve to highlight the standard attractiveness of the user The Shapeshifting filter doesn’t have to be used for deeds.

    It’s a good thing that the Barbie, Bratz, or fairy fashion has all the characteristics of a popular TikTok characteristic: it separates individuals into categories (what do you mean when that you’re Barbie instead of being a fairy? ) This makes you feel special , no matter what the outcome. Also, it pretends to have any clues about your real identity or appearance that is what TikTok is really about. For me, my For You page is full of people who diagnose one another with various mental ailments and putting each other in a spectrum of character or appearance, and even arguing about what is “midsize” versus “in-between” and “plus-size.”

    These are just a few methods to discover the meaning of the world around us and ourselves (TikTokers constantly say that they they don’t know about what is what they “really” look like; the extent to which this is an issue remains undetermined) in a world where everyone is a bit agitated.

    In the end the Shapeshifting filter has told me that I’m an Bratz doll, even knowing that I’m an actual fairy so, for that reason it has to be killed.

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