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    The story of Meika Jordan, the broken princess case 2020


    Meika Jordan was a six-year-old who was bright, cheerful and playful. Her perfect day consisted of catching ladybugs with her brother and having a Slurpee. The little girl was taken to the hospital after a panicked 911 call on November 13, 2011.

    ‘Mr. Big’: Police, prosecutor discuss sting operation in Meika Jordan case

    ‘Mr. Big’: Police, prosecutor discuss sting operation in Meika Jordan case – Mar 1, 2020

    Police were told by her father and stepmother that Meika had fallen from the stairs.However, her injuries were not consistent with that explanation.Meika’s hair was matted, and there were no clumps.Her small body was covered in bruises, and her palm was burned to the third degree.She had suffered severe abdominal injuries, including a laceration to her liver and a laceration of her pancreas. Her head was the most serious.

    Meika was pronounced dead at the hospital the next day.

    Is it possible that a simple slip down the stairs could cause such severe injuries?

    The Calgary Police Homicide Unit led a lengthy investigation into her death.Meika came from a split family.She spent half her time with Kyla Woodhouse, her biological mother, and Brian Woodhouse, her stepfather.Half of her time was spent with Spencer Jordan, her biological father, and Marie Magoon, her stepmother.It became apparent that Meika would only have been able to be killed by Jordan and Magoon.It wasn’t immediately clear what the motive was:

    Why would someone kill a sweet and innocent little girl?

    Calgary Police Homicide Detective Det. was the primary investigator in Meika’s case. Mike Cavilla said that his team worked tirelessly to gather the evidence necessary to bring the case to a close.Jordan and Magoon continued their lives in the interim.They didn’t waste time grieving. Instead, the year following Meika’s passing was one of new beginnings, new business opportunities, and new beginnings.

    Finally, they found a group of friends who understood them. They had double dates, enjoyed drinks, and lived happily ever after.

    A month short of Meika’s first anniversary, there was a significant break in the case.

    Police detained Magoon and Jordan. Police arrested Jordan and Magoon.This was the first step in a long journey to justice for the little girl.Details of the extensive police investigation were made public during the trial for first-degree murder.Undercover investigators used a variety of strategies including the “Mr. A “Mr.

    911 call in Meika Jordan case

    Audio of the 911 call in Meika Jordan Case – March 1, 2020

    Officers must follow strict guidelines when conducting “Mr. Officers must follow strict rules when conducting a “Mr.Undercover officers made friends with Jordan and Magoon in this case and invited them to join a criminal organization.They were required to confess to a crime in which they were suspected: the murder of Meika Jordan.Each suspect paid a visit “Mr. Each suspect paid a visit to “Mr.

    Investigators discovered the full extent of Meika’s abuse. Magoon had placed Meika between her legs and grabbed her hand, then burned it with a lighter.

    Evidence revealed that the little girl was tortured for days before her death.

    She was told to run up and down stairs repeatedly and was then beaten.Jordan confessed to hitting his daughter so hard in the stomach that she fell over.She suffered from several head injuries.After the trial ended, Jordan and Magoon were convicted on the lesser charge for second-degree murder.They were sentenced for life without parole and given a 17-year term.This was when a flood of appeals and court decisions began.Listen to Nancy Hixt’s podcast:

    The case would drag out before the courts for many years, sending Meika and her mother on an emotional rollercoaster.Magoon and Jordan weren’t content with being convicted of the lesser charge for second-degree murder. They wanted their sentences reduced.

     Police discuss Supreme Court ruling in Meika Jordan case

    Calgary police discuss Supreme Court decision in Meika Jordan case. Mar 1, 2020

    Prosecutors continued to fight for the first-degree murder conviction.

    The Alberta Court of Appeal issued a rare ruling after Meika’s passing five years ago: Magoon and Jordan were each convicted of first-degree murder.

    This decision was upheld on November 27, 2017, just six years after Meika’s passing.Nine Supreme Court Justices took less than ten minutes to rule on this case.Magoon and Jordan were convicted of first-degree murder in Meika Jordan’s case.

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