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    The way to blogging : How to promote your Instagram account


     Being a blogger and working remotely from home is the absolute norm for the modern world. We live in a time when you can earn a lot of money and at the same time not sit for days in a stuffy office. 

    At the moment, the most popular platform for blogging and promoting is IG. The number of active blogs on this social network is growing day by day. All insta influencers are conditionally divided into several categories according to the number of followers: nano (0-10k), micro (10-100k), mid (100-500k), macro (500k-1m) and mega macro (1m+). You might think that there are already a lot of bloggers and there is no demand for newcomers to blogging, and influencers with an audience of millions of subscribers earn the most money. But this is not the case. Many advertisers pay attention to young bloggers and willingly give them jobs. You don’t have to worry, be sure that companies and businessmen will be interested in you when you gain the first few thousand subscribers. By the way, many novice bloggers gain the first thousand subscribers with targeted advertising or turn to companies for services from which you can buy real Instagram followers. Thanks to these effective methods, influencers become media people faster and receive their first job offers.

    What rules do you need to follow to start your activity in the blogosphere and how to develop an account?  

    You should understand that in order to become a popular blogger, you need to have certain skills and be an interesting person.

    First of all, you need to clearly understand what you want to talk about in your blog, how you will be useful to the audience and what heights you have reached in life. You have to form your own concept. In order to make it easier for you to decide, find answers to the questions : “What can I share with people? What is my goal in blogging? How can I help?”. If you can answer these questions, success is guaranteed.

    Create a profile header that will be understandable to potential subscribers. In a few sentences, you should tell who you are, what your blog is about, how you can be useful and how to contact you. It is important that the description is clear and written in monosyllables. You only have a few seconds to get a potential subscriber interested. Do not forget that your description will be read only if users are interested in the name of the profile. Try to find a name that will set you apart from other profiles, for example, you can use your funny nickname or specialty as a name.

    The visual component of your blog is a very important point. Try to make all your publications look organic. Edit photos and videos in the same style, learn how to place posts correctly. From all your publications, one beautiful “puzzle” should be formed. 

    How to develop an account and where to find the first subscribers?

    On Insta, there are several ways to attract subs to the blog:

    1. Hashtags and geotags. With the help of such marks, users will be able to find your posts or find you by geolocation. However, this method is ineffective if your account has low activity and a small number of subscribers. The platform’s algorithms will consider your account uninteresting and will not show it in the “top” results.

    2. Targeted ad. The advantage of this ad is that your publications will be advertised only to those people who fit the parameters of your advertising campaign. In order for this method to be effective, you need to have a basic knowledge of how advertising mechanisms work. If you configure the parameters incorrectly, then you will spend money in vain and will not get the desired result.

    3. Mutual PR. What is it? This is a way to attract followers when you share your audience with other bloggers. The method of mutual PR is often used by nanofrillancers. They find bloggers who are similar in subject matter and number of subscribers. But such PR does not always bring results, especially when it comes to a newly created account. Few people will want to collaborate with a blogger who does not yet have his own audience.

    4. Purchase of subscribers. If the account is completely new, and your audience is close friends and relatives, this method will definitely suit you. To get the first hundreds of subscribers, you need to contact a company from which you can buy Instagram followers. After subscribers appear in your profile and activity increases, you will be able to effectively use other ways to attract an audience.

    Remember that you can start blogging at any age. The main thing is to find yourself in it. Realize yourself, communicate with people, use the acquired knowledge for its intended purpose. Discover new ways of development for yourself, do what brings you satisfaction. Good luck in your endeavors!

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