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    Tony Blair’s Long Hair Lesson


    In a television interview, the former British prime minister showed off a completely different face. It was a lot of buttons. Tony Blair’s Long Hair Lesson, What’s the deal with male politicians and their hair? Their crowning glory, after decades of nondescript hairstyles has now become a form creative expression. This is where there has been controversy.

    It seemed that no one could match Donald Trump’s complex cream puff of construction. But Boris Johnson arrived at 10 Downing Street as Britain’s prime minister. He brought his flyaway platinum locks, which he uses to distract and amuse others.

    Then, in an ITV television interview earlier this week, a former prime Minister outperformed them all.

    Tony Blair’s gray, long hair was the problem. It’s rare that a former NATO member has let it all down as badly since Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    On one side, hair loss shouldn’t have been a surprise. Everyone has had to endure trying to take care of their hair at home treatment, since Covid guidelines meant that salons were shut and grooming routines were disrupted. Many discovered their natural hair color at first in a long time and also the delight of the ponytail. That’s why you’re Mr. Blair’s hair was longer, as did we all. The former P. M.s: We’re all like them!

    However it’s not like Blair. Blair would have lacked access to tools for hair care at home. Like many others who do, he chose not to grow a beard that was rife with disease and so there was some trimming going on. His wife Cherie or their adult children could help with a cut or two.

    Salons also reopened in Britain on the 12th of April. That implies that. Blair was enjoying his experiment with hirsutityat least, until the judgement of the world watched fell on him.

    This is the point of the story.

    Mr. Blair’s hairstyle was shocking, in part due to the fact that we’re never used to such long hair on world leaders of males whether they were old or not. (When it concerns hair and female leaders like female leaders and dresses there are rules that differ.) It is expected that they have hair, obviously. There has been no bald person ever since Dwight D. Eisenhower has been president. Hair is the source of testosterone in the brain of the lizard — and , since D.D.E. was an army general during war, D.D.E. was the one exception that proved the rule. The former balding Tory Party leader William Hague (remember him? ) was mocked because of the caps that he wore to hide his glossy pate.

    Then there was Mr. Blair’s hairstyle was shocking because of the things it showed about our own beliefs and prejudices not only about hair for women with all its connections (Medusa Lady Godiva and the Salem witches) however, hair for men, too.

    Hair is for both genders according to the Anthropologist Grant McCracken wrote in his book “Big Hair,” “our court of deliberation, the place where we contemplate who and what we are.”

    What kind of are the men we associate with long hair, particularly gray hair that is long? It is a part of numerous cultural traditions that it’s difficult to choose.Long hair is associated with the images of rock stars and hippies, as an instance. Indeed the late Blair. Blair told The Evening Standard that he’d never seen such hair since his time with a group called the ugly Rumours in Oxford University. This raises all kinds of questions about his aging wish to recreate those days.

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