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    Treacherous Trudy is an Absolute Badass But Is She Real?


    The More Harder They Fall was released in theaters on October. 22. It made its Netflix debut on November. 3. The Western focuses on the gang rivals Nat Love ( Jonathan Majors) and Rufus Buck ( Idris Elba) and Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), who team up to fight in a tense battle following Rufus is released from prison. Rufus’s team comprises “Treacherous” Trudy Smith ( Regina King) and Cherokee Bill .

    King’s character stands out in the film because she is an outlaw who is tough after being victimized as a child and killing an obnoxious bully who mocked her polio-infected sister. Instead of being the damsel-in distress character, as is the case with many women in western films Director Jeymes Samuel wrote Treacherous Trudy as a character that should not be played with. The More Hard They Fall begins with a warning that reads “While the events in the story are fictional These. People. Existed.” Who did you think was Treacherous Trudy in the real world?

    Who Was Truly Treacherous Trudy?

    There’s little information available about the woman who is behind Treacherous Trudy who’s actual name is Gertrude Smith. King said to the magazine Variety, “There may be just one photo, and there’s not much of historical information on her.” In an interview on BBC, King stated, “When I did my Google search on Gertrude Smith, I tried spelling her name in various ways, but there’s not any information that appears.” I also tried searching for her, and all I got was The more difficult they fall which is a good thing, because there’s the possibility of that.

    Similar to that, Samuel told IndieWire, “With Treacherous Trudy Smith, we knew very little about her. We do know that she was out of Barbary Coast in San Francisco. After that, she left, which indicates she was well-traveled.” As per IndieWire, Trudy was a pickpocket, who committed her crimes in the company of an accomplice known as Dolly Mickey until she was detained.

    What Part of Treacherous Trudy’s Storyline Was it a fictitious story?

    Since little is known about the actual life of Trudy, Samuel and King changed her storyline than the other characters. “So I’m now in an opportunity to truly play. I don’t need to be a slave to any particular idea or narrative with regards to her, and Samuelwas] adamant that I play,” King told Variety. One way she played with the character was through her melded accentthat King “mixed to make lots of diverse things, since she’s been to so many different locations and required to interact with numerous kinds of folks.” The actress also confessed that she was initially thinking Barbary Coast was somewhere in the middle of Africa. Barbary Coast was in Africa instead of California and that factored into her character.

    Actually, the majority of Treacherous Trudy other than the title, is a fictionalized. “[W]hen you consider Jeymes and his idea for the film as a whole,” she told BBC, “it was never his concept to tell everyone exactly what they might have read or studied . . . This is more an exaggeration of characters that are real. I believe this gives it a more sophisticated look and fun.” The Oscar-winning actress totally got the character right!

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