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    A woman’s tragic account of how her marriage that was destroyed because of the unruly conduct of her husband’s being reported in the media. Venus Morris Griffin shared the tale in a series of 13 parts that was published on the well-known “Humans from New York” Instagram account. The account explains how she came across her “stinking adorable” potential spouse John “Tripp” Morris at the University of South Carolina Then he changed to become the “abusive” spouse and child mole.

    mother of six kids who gave her baby using donors of sperm that despite her connection to the former USC cheerleader, they parted after an arrest that took place in the year 2012 “You’d think I hate him, but I don’t. Because I loved him”

    Over 150,000 people have already expressed their opinions on her tweets. Griffin’s tweets with love and shock to the Augusta, Georgia, real estate agent.

    In the blog entries on her blog In her blog posts, Mrs. Griffin stated that she was “intimidated” by Tripp’s wealth and family-owned company, with her family’s background not being typical. She also claimed she thought Tripp had been “the perfect gentleman” when they first met in their 20s.

    The writer wrote: “We were Parent Teacher Association presidents at the same time And everyone loved Tripp more than I did. because I’d always speak my mind, but regardless of how absurd the person appeared, Tripp would make them feel heard. “

    “He taught us our Bible study. He was the host of all school fundraising events. He was the coach for all of the football teams of our sons” Ms. Griffin recalls. “Tripp was a player with The University of South Carolina, as we thought. “

    After that, she learned that he had been injured during his freshman year at USC but was still able to keep his scholarship and play football with the team.In the following years, her. Griffin stated that Tripp became more “abusive” towards her and was detained by police during their son’s football game due to his screams. She also claimed that she was told Tripp “lost the temper” and tried to throw me into the tub. I thought I’d injured my lower back. Then I screamed and unable to climb up. “

    Then she described how she found out she was married to a “double life”, she claimed that a woman informed she that Tripp was sleeping with several other ladies. The man also was accused of racketing huge amounts of debt on her behalf.

    “There was always that side of him,” Ms. Griffin wrote. “When anger got out of control , it would become explosive. But I’m certain that the abuse escalated at a pace so slow that I didn’t notice”.While it was not the first time she. Griffin was able to tell her story to the world, she was the only instance when the story was widely reported. She told Humans of New York that she got married and invited her kids to dinner on Wednesday evening.

    “We were at the table in the living area, laughing and talking. This is my greatest joy watching people bond with one another, and helping each other to navigate their lives,” she stated.

    The Humans of New York account has been created to tell the stories of the lives of people all over the world since 2010.

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