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    Unique Idaho “stair home” features everything, with the exception of bedrooms and bathrooms. Take a look


    Askinny lakefront getaway located in Coeur d’Alene, ID, known as ” The Stair Home” is a fantastic spot and a spectacular dock. But, there are a few stipulations that are included in this compact 5-level, 936 square-foot structure.

    The home, which is worth $695,000 and has the stairs all over It’s not complete, including legally-conforming bedrooms and bathrooms.There’s no other property located on the lake. The design is distinctive design, which isn’t often seen,” explains the listing agent, Lisa Ciraulo. “It originated from an idea the seller had, and decided to play with it and watch it develop.

    The building, which is narrow, was built on stilts, and is adorned with an outdoor staircase to the five levels. The owner was looking for a place for his family members to gather and escape from everything according to the agent. “It’s basically like a treehouse in the woods, right on the water,” she says.

    A short boat ride away from Higgens Point, which has an access point for boats and a home that is close to all the amenities in town. It has 100 feet of lakefrontage. The dock is spacious and covers 900 square feet and comes with an added perk.

    “It’s larger than any other dock allowed in a single-family dwelling. It was grandfathered into which means it has additional room,” Ciraulo explains.

    Two large boats are able to fit in the slips. four personal watercrafts are able to go on floating. Visitors boats can also use the space for tying up.

    While the Stair Home lacks in bedrooms the Stair Home makes up the deck space. The huge side deck extends across the structure, as well as the numerous rooftop decks have been designed to take in the views of Lake Ontario.

    The interior is basic, but the house was not designed to be a year-round residence.

    “There’s a kitchen area that has a refrigerator and a deep freeze–granite countertops, really nice custom cabinets,” Ciraulo describes.

    There’s a microwave in the kitchen but there’s no full oven.

    Ciraulo says that the structure is a great home base for lake life and was designed to hold gatherings of friends and family.

    “It’s the perfect little escape in the middle of the city and is great for families. It’s a great option for those who want to entertain and throw big parties,” she says.

    The guests who attend these parties are likely to have an area to stay in the evening. The house is filled with areas that are suitable for sleeping However, because there aren’t closets in these rooms, they cannot be classified as bedrooms that are legal.

    Certain rooms have tiny cubbies that Ciraulo says children enjoy. The other rooms are larger.

    “Most of them have a full or queen bed and an area where you can completely stand up.”

    For other amenities of daily life buyers must be ready to be a little rough. There’s no running water it’s an incinerating toilet that’s not connected to an sewer system.

    “To make the property fully functional, a buyer would need to install a [water] system,” Ciraulo clarifies.

    The completion of the home in 2019 was the conclusion of a long struggle to the house’s owner.

    “He’s spent like 15-plus years in court, getting the project approved, making it legal, and making it all happy with the county and the city,” Ciraulo says. “He designed it and had it reviewed and modified by an engineering company, so it all has been super expertly crafted.”

    The engineering may even allow for an additional 1.5-story room at the top, in the event that a buyer were to build additional staircases onto the structure.

    Now , the owners are planning to relocate to a different lake, and to leave this unique “home” behind for someone who is new to experience.

    “This is possibly the most distinctive property. Based on the way it is priced, you can’t duplicate it at that price particularly considering the amount of duration it took to legalize it,” Ciraulo says. “There are a few houses right close to it that have docks, who attempted to construct similar structures however they were unsuccessful in court, while my seller persevered and achieved his dream. It’s a truly unique project and there is nothing else like it. this can ever be seen in the same lake.

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