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    Universe Of Fantastic books collection BeWILDerwood Cheshire


    Information on Attractions

    Welcome to the amazing whimsical, wild, and wonderful universe that is BeWILDerwood Cheshire! Based on a fantastic collection of books by the creator and author Tom Blofeld, this outdoor nature park is ideal for all explorers of all ages , and is packed with your most loved fantastical characters!

    Visit BeWILDerwood Cheshire during the school holiday season and summer months to enjoy a wonderful day with your family filled with outside activities. You can create your own fairytales with the imaginative play areas or indulge your inner adventurer on thrilling activities like the many fun zip wires. There are baby zip wires as well!

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the jungle bridges or a mystical story-telling event in the Storytelling Stage, there’s lots of outdoor adventures to take part in within BeWILDerwood Adventure Park. BeWILDerwood Adventure Park.

    Fun activities For Kids

    Are you up to go on an adventure? Visit the forest with the highest rating, which is full of great family enjoyment! You can choose to glide through on the slippery slopes which have two soopa slippery slides, one of which is steep, and the other is wide! Are you ready to fly high? zip-lining along your slippery Wires to soar high above the trees, or make your way over through the Broken Bridge.

    In BeWILDerwood Cheshire they have both long zip wires that are extra-long and mini zip wires as well which means that everyone is able to try it out! Are you willing to take on the wobbly zip wires? …? If you’re still seeking greater excitement, you should navigate your way through the Mish Mash Maze or perhaps it’s the Sky Maze, which is a dizzy height maze. Will you be capable of seeing straight and make it to the top? If you have tiny children, make sure to visit the Toddlewood at the top of to the Hill as well as Tiptoe Valley and Tiptoe Valley, which are a play zone designed especially for kids, packed with excitement!

    BeWILDerwood is an unforgettable family day-out for those who are looking to discover the wild side of themselves and are awed by the enchanting outdoor adventure. Explore the story of BeWILDerwood become real with fascinating character at the Storytelling Stage and enjoy the amazing live performances as well as making crafts inside the Big Hat, where you will find all sorts of wonderful craft and art activities to try out during their crafting workshops. There’s plenty to do at the park that you can take your time regardless of whether you hang out on the zip line and explore the murky mazes and bridges that look shaky or stroll through the beautiful woods, or slide down the massive slides and participate in a storytelling program. This is a fantastic family activity that is the perfect outdoors attraction you should visit during the school summer holidays!

    Treehouses Treehouses

    Did you notice those huge treehouses? When you’re done with your maze and den building exploration, make sure to check out the amazing treehouses! In the sprawling acres of forest are colorful interconnected treehouses. The treehouses are part of Twiggle Tribe. Twiggle Tribe and make up the exciting new attraction Twiggle Village! Kids can climb up to the top of the tree and marvel at the incredible heights of the treetops! There are ground treehouses, which are great for kids who are overwhelmed by the heights.

    Food & Drink

    Do you have a little amount of time in your hands between tasks or just feeling a little hungry? Visit The Cosy Cabin as well as the the Munch Bar to enjoy delicious soopa-doopa snacks and food. There is also restaurants and food kiosks that sell cold foods and hot food.

    There’s also room to picnic if you’d like to take your own food. There are plenty of benches for picnics!


    BeWILDerwood Cheshire a magical woodland attraction for all ages, where children are welcomed regardless of their abilities or play style. It is accessible to all ages. Grubbles Greeting Gates Munch Bar as well as Cosy Cabin, The Biazzare Bazaar, Den Building, Structures like: The Broken Bridge, The Mish Mash Maze, The Sky Maze, The Telescope Tower as well as The Slippery Slopes. The Zip Wires The Big Hat, and The Storytelling Stage are also accessible to people with disabilities.

    If you’re deaf If you’re deaf, you’ll be glad to learn that a few of the employees are certified in BSL and disabilities awareness training.

    If you’re visually impaired, you need to understand a few facts so that you are prepared to go. The walls and doors are awash in colour and certain areas of the facility have low lighting.

    There are toilets accessible to wheelchair users too.

    What do you receive in return

    The best part is all of it is part of the cost, which includes everything from face painting, all activities stories, storytelling shows, crafts, and, of course, parking! This means you are able to have fun all day long… It’s a relief!

    Outdoor woodland adventure park with exciting outdoor features

    Based on the well-known books featuring a variety of characters

    There is plenty to do for children of all age groups

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