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    Vigil: Is Dunloch Naval Base a real location? kirkmouth scotland


    After the series opener, thousands of viewers will tune in to episode two on Monday night. Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland and on the west coast of Scotland. Much of the action revolves around Dunloch naval station and the HMS Vigil submarine. Is Dunloch actually a real location in Scotland? The submarine was used to film the action.

    Is Dunloch Naval Base a real location?

    Vigil’s last night’s episode featured Dunloch naval base prominently, prompting people to wonder if Dunloch is actually a Scottish town.

    Fans will not have the opportunity to visit Dunloch, as it is a fictional place created for the show.

    Dunloch may not be a real location, but it is based at Faslane, HM Naval Base Clyde, west of Scotland, which houses the UK’s nuclear deterrent Trident as well as its four Vanguard-class submarines.

    Vigil was Vigil filmed aboard a submarine?

    You may wonder if filming was actually done on a submarine, as a large portion of the show is set on the HMS Vigil.

    It didn’t, it was a production set designer who worked hard to recreate the submarine atmosphere.

    James Strong, the director of the film, spoke out about the difficulties involved in setting up the project. He described the “impossible” task of recreating such environments as “an enormous undertaking”.

    “First, there was the Trident submarine. This is the setting for most of the show. I prefer to shoot in real locations. But, for obvious reasons, this was not possible. So we created a large enough space to hold the action, be large enough to work in, and still retain the claustrophobia of a submarine.

    What is a coxswain, you ask?

    You may have heard about a coxswain at Vigil.

    Shaun Evans plays the role of the coxswain in Vigil.

    The Navy’s coxswain, a senior petty officer on a small vessel or submarine, is the coxswain.

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