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    What is the age of Luisa from Encanto?Luisa is a 19-year-old teenager.


    How old are Luisa and Isabella?
    As per Disney Fandom, Isabela Madrigal is the grandchild’s firstborn of the Madrigals. The character is 21 years old at the time that Encanto’s events take place. Encanto occur. That’s right, Luisa has the status of being the middle-child of her immediate family. around 19 years old.

    How old is Mirabel Madrigal?
    A teenager of 15.

    Which is the tiniest Madrigal triot?
    Bruno is one of three Madrigal twins. He’s the youngest following his older sisters. Julieta as well as Pepa had been the children of Pedro as well as Alma Madrigal.

    Is Camilo a girl Encanto?
    Camilo Madrigal is a supporting character in the film of 2021 by Disney Encanto. Camilo Madrigal plays Felix and Pepa’s second child as well as being the brother to Dolores and the elder cousin of Antonio. The magical power of his gift is that he can transform into a shape.

    How old is Camilo and Mirabel?
    According Screenrant Screenrant, Camilo is an estimated 15 years old and just two months younger than his cousin Mirabel.

    How old is Pepa Madrigal Encanto?
    Physical appearance. Pepa is a woman of 50 years old with fair skin and curly, auburn hair that is long enough to be a hip braid, and eyes of green. Also, she has a small gap between her front teeth.

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