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    What is the link between sex and a happy marriage?


    Contrary to what is said, a fulfilled sex life does not mean making love every day with your partner. Studies have showed that the sex practiced once a week is the key to a happy relationship. Here’s what impact the sexual activity has on the couple’s life:

    So how often you should make love to be happy?

    Well, according to scientists, too much sex is not good, especially if you have it with female escorts in Basildon. One explanation is that the desire for sex and the moments of pleasure are no longer so intense, if the sexual parties are frequent. In fact, couples who have sex once a week would be the happiest. The researchers say that in order to maintain a strong connection in a couple, you must have sex once a week. This is more than enough.

    How to be happy in the bedroom

    The communication remains the key in the bedroom. And for this, the partners should be open with each other and do not hesitate to guide their loved one when it comes to it. Do not forget about tenderness, show your partner affection and love you wear. Spend time by hugging yourself, kissing and never forget to make love statements.

    The connection between happiness and sex

    Women who have a fulfilled sex life are happier. Also, a fulfilled sex life eliminates stress. In addition, sex also has benefits on health, because it burns calories and helps maintain a healthy heart. For men, an active sex life decreases the risk of prostate cancer. On the other hand, in women, the risk of breast cancer is reduced.

    Age should not be an impediment to sexual activity. Studies have shown that people past 60 years old who make regular love are happier, compared to those who do not have this habit. Sex can also be a remedy against insomnia. This is because after a love match, oxytocin, happiness hormone is released.

    This is very helpful for a restful sleep. Sex is also imported for the proper functioning of the immune system, but also because it helps you stay in shape, because it burns calories. It is said that a person has to wait 13 years from the first sexual contact in order to have a really satisfactory love.

    An affair is not necessarily a sign that marriage has ended

    It sometimes invigorates the couple’s relationship. However, in most cases, extra -marital relationships have devastating effects. A woman in three is convinced that extra-marital adventures invigorate the couple’s life. Plus, it can help the two partners rediscover themselves and create a stronger connection between them.

    More than half of women said that the extra-marital adventures helped them maintain their marriage. Equally surprising is that 32% of interviewed women have observed an improvement in sexual life in marriage after having an adventure. Sometimes, an affair can be like a cold water shower for marriage.

    It can help the two realize how much they keep each other and how hard it would be to be with the partner. Many women do not receive enough attention and affection from their life partner. It is not pleasant to feel alone in their own marriage. “The reality is that many people cannot leave their partners for financial considerations.

    Women, in particular, cannot easily give up family life, so they satisfy their need for affection outside of marriage. They follow the behavior of men regarding infidelity.

    Important things to know

    First of all, pornography can destroy a marriage. The use of pornographic materials destroys confidence. Marriages are built on the confidence we have in each other. You can ask a woman how she feels when her husband looks at pornographic materials and. If she is honest with you, she will tell you that she hates this.

    She will tell you that she feels like he brings other women in the relationship and. Whether the man recognizes this or not, it is all infidelity.

    Pornography leads to comparisons. You can’t look at different pornographic images without comparing those pictures with your wife. This can lead to lack of gratitude, a situation in which you look at what “is not” for life, instead of appreciating it for what it is.

    Pornography will destroy your self-esteem. To understand this better, you just have to ask your wife how confident she feels when she is naked in front of you after watching more pornography materials.

    sex and a happy marriage
    sex and a happy marriage

    Pornography leads to creating unrealistic expectations. Pornography is not a real thing! It is just a movie created by a director and paid actors, who only play a role. And guess what? Many of them hate this! A very large number of actresses take drugs to cope with both physical pain and emotional pain. The suicide rate is very high, both among porn actors and actresses.

    Pornography destroys any form of intimacy. The use of pornographic materials within a marriage is usually a very well hidden secret. The result is the lack of any form of intimacy, as one partner keeps secret to the other.

    Pornography creates a feeling of shame. The enemy tempts us to look and, when we do this, he tells us what we are missing because we do this. The feeling of shame is one of the worst side effects of pornography. Because people watch porn movies to get rid of the feeling of stress or fear, everything will go this way. You will feel bad because of your lifestyle. and You will watch porn movies as a way of escape.

    You will feel even worse about your life because you watch porn movies and You will watch even more porn movies as an escape. Pornography gives addiction: Anyone tells you this is right. Studies show that porn movies activate the pleasure center in the brain more than cocaine. It is a very powerful thing that gives a great addiction.

    Pornography will never really satisfy you. The pornography industry develops due to the “lack of customer satisfaction”. I had read an article explaining the difference between addiction to pornography and drug addiction.

    It is stated that drug addiction urges you to want more, but pornography makes you want something different. In other words, a heroin addict wants more heroin, but a pornography addict will want pornography more “different”.

    Pornography is becoming more and more perverse. Because of its inability to bring satisfaction, pornography will always lead to an even greater perversity.

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