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    What Should You Do With Moving Boxes After You Move


    After the hustle and bustle of moving has stopped and you’ve emptied everything There’s a good chance you’ll end up with lots of empty boxes for moving… You’re likely alreadyready to throw them away. the boxes. how to get rid of moving boxes, You can certainly dispose of your moving boxes following you’ve completed your move. However, there are better, more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to resolve this problem with cardboard. This is why the experts from Wheaton have put together a list of suggestions on how to dispose of moving boxes.

    What Should You Do With Moving Boxes After You Move

    Are you unsure of what to do with those used moving containers? We’ve put together a list of environmentally friendly and efficient methods to recycle, reuse and get rid of your old moving boxes. Here’s how you can remove moving boxes:


    Contact local businesses or put up a post on your local app (like Nextdoor) to see if there is anyone who needs additional boxes. (Pro tip: There is nearly always someone in need of moving boxes. ) You could also donate your boxes for free on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. In addition, there could be local businesses who are in need of moving boxes.

    Where can I take the moving boxes that are used:

    • Local libraries
    • Schools
    • Grocery stores
    • Apartment complexes
    • Local charities, for example, an emergency food bank or shelter

    Donating or giving away your boxes for moving will require some extra time as opposed to throwing them out. However, if you come across an organization or company that is in need, then you’ll feel great by donating your boxes to an important cause!


    If the cardboard boxes you used for moving were damaged during the relocation process, you should consider recycling them. Just break them up and then take them to a recycling center in your area. If you’re able to fit them in your recycle bin You can also place them in there, naturally.

    Certain cities will pick up recyclable materials on request. Make contact with the recycling centers in your area to determine if they offer similar services. Contact the center to inquire for any restrictions they may have on acceptable boxes to recycle. For example, they might need boxes to be flattened, or shaped to an appropriate size. They might even need a certain amount of boxes in order to be eligible to receive pick-up services.


    There’s no reason you needto eliminate packing boxes for moving… Instead you can put them inside your home! Stronger boxes are ideal for the items you’d like to store in storage. They are also handy when wrapping gifts for birthdays, or other holidays for gift-giving.

    If you have kids who are young You might want to use the boxes to create imaginative art projects in the future too. You can create tunnels, playhouses, or dollhouses out of large boxes.


    If you’re planning on moving another time in a couple of years, just save your boxes in case you need to relocate again. Make sure to flatten the boxes before you keep them in a dry, dark area. This way, you’ll avoid the effort, time, and cost of buying move boxes in the near future.


    Where to Sell Used Moving Boxes:

    • BoxCycle or ContainerExchanger. These websites let people purchase and sell used boxes for no cost. The majority of the time, users can sell their boxes at $.50 up to $1.50 for each box.
    • Craigslist . Give away or sell your boxes (for affordable) via Craigslist.
    • Local businesses that buy or sell boxes for moving. Perform your own Google search for companies that buy used moving containers to find companies which offer this service in your area. When you’ve found a business willing to purchase their boxes, it will probably take them away at your house and pay you a modest fee for each of the boxes.
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