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    What’s skema How do you fill it up?


    Skema Raja.dephub This Indonesian website is used by the Ministry of Transportation to provide information about government transportation planning and development programs. This site provides news updates, scholarly papers and program descriptions as well as photos of completed or under development transportation projects. The platform also includes an Electronic Presence and Monitoring System that all Ministry of Transportation employees must have access to.

    Skemaraja was created in May 2000 by Dephub, the acronym for Indonesia’s national highway agency, and the Directorate-General for Transportation Planning of the Ministry of Transportation. This website aims to be transparent about government transport planning efforts in order to inform the public debate on infrastructure investments.

    Many people still don’t know how to fill out theSkema.raja. But don’t worry, there is an easy and exact way to do it. Here is the Skema Raja that you can use to guide you through each step.

    Fill out the Skemaraja Application precisely and quickly

    If you are still unsure about how to fill in the Raja Skema form, you can read How to Fill Out the Skemarajabelow.

    Enter the official website of Ministry of Transportation

    You can click on the results of the search to display the Skema Rajatic Raja page. After a few seconds, the loading process will complete, and then you’ll automatically be entered into Skema Raja system by Ministry of Transportation.

    Enter your Skema Raja Account NIP & Password

    You will see your NIP and password if you have already entered Skema Raja’s website. You must enter your NIP number and password accurately at this stage.

    There will then be two buttons, Work from Home or Work from Office. Choose the type of work you do currently. Select Work from Home if you work remotely. If you work from an office, select Work From Home.

    Once you’ve completed all data correctly, you can click “Check In” to immediately begin entering the Skema Raja system.

    Raja Skema Rajatic Account Complete Absence

    You can view your personal data stored in Skema Raja app if you’ve checked in. You will see information about personal data as well as attendance data.

    If your attendance data is not complete, you can start to complete it by adding the “Unfinished Tasks” column.

    Skema Raja: Complete tasks you haven’t done yet

    Fill in any tasks not completed according to the descriptions of each task. When you click on the “Unfinished Tasks” column, it will display a task form you must complete.

    You can first fill out the ‘Assignment column’ given by your boss. Next, fill in the ‘Description section.

    This is a group assignment. All names must be included. Complete the Working together’ column and then the Started Target’, & ‘Finished Target’ columns. You can click “Save Changes” immediately if you are sure.

    Continue to complete the task.

    The ‘Undone tasks’ column in Skema Raja’ will show you the tasks that you have been working on. Once you are certain that all tasks have been completed correctly, click the arrow symbol at the ‘Unfinished tasks’ column to enter each task.

    The task you are currently working on will be moved to the In Work’ section. Once it is done, click the checkmark to move the task to the Task Already Done’ column.

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