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    Where is Elisabeth Fritzl now ,Village X?


    The new feature film from Lifetime, The Girl in the Basementtells the true story of the rape , and brutal treatment suffered by Elisabeth Fritzl at the hands of her father. The shocking story made media after 24 years after she was able to get out of the basement she was in. The case that shocked the world helped reveal another series of similar cases. Where are Elisabeth Fritzl now?

    Who is Elisabeth Fritzl?

    Elisabeth is a survivor of kidnap and endured her trauma at by her father.

    She was raped and brutally tortured by her father Josef Frtizl.

    Elisabeth was the mother of seven kids however one of them died – – all of them born by her wicked captor.

    Fritzl 85, who is serving his entire life sentence in a prison for criminally insane people in Austria’s Krems-Stein Prison.

    Where is Elisabeth Fritzl now ,Village X?

    Elisabeth was just 18 when she was imprisoned , and 42 when she was released in the year 2008. The youngest child of six born because of her father had to be hospitalized urgently. This led to Elisabeth was granted permission from her father’s permission to transport her child to hospital. This was her first visit in her 24 years that she had seen sunshine. She was promptly taken back to the basement. However, the note that was left by Josef was arousing for the staff at the hospital which led police to the house.

    Then she was located and then rescued. According to Meaww’s account, she and her children were immediately transferred to state care , and later to the village of Northern Austria where they began therapy. At first, psychologists recommended that they undergo lifelong therapy as a result of the numerous traumas they suffered. Elisabeth was given a brand new identity and name.

    The actress is reported to reside with her kids in a well-lit and bright home to ensure that there’s no chance to reminisce about pieces from the past. The children of her are now aged between seventeen and thirty-five. Two of the children had massive anxiety and panic attacks and faced a difficult time recovering. In the process of recovering they were in a state of constant mood altering medication, exercising and diet programs due to their previous way of life.

    As per The Independent, Elisabeth and her mother Rosemarie Fritzl shared tensions at first but they have since become closer than ever before and have restored their relationship. Josef Fritzl has been sentenced to a life sentence in Garsten Abbey, and is believed to be having dementia. He has changed his name to Mayrhoff in order to spend his last days in obscurity.

    What did happen to Elisabeth Fritzl?

    On the 28th of August 1984 Josef Fritzl took his daughter Elisabeth to the basement of their home in Austria

    He was installing an entrance to the renovated cellar, and required assistance in carrying it.

    He tricked her and then knocked her unconscious by using an Ethyl-soaked towel.

    In the coming 24 years the interior of the cellar would be all Elisabeth would ever see.

    Her father deceived her mother and to the authorities, telling them that she was a fugitive and been a member of an sect.

    In the midst of her horrific experience inside the basement Fritzl was a victim of sexual assault and brutally abused Elisabeth.

    The mother even had 7 children which resulted from many instances of rape, one of them died soon after the birth.

    The three children of the mother were raised to maturity through Fritzl along with Elisabeth’s mum Rosemarie and the husband led his wife to believe that they had been left on the doorstep of the “missing” daughter, who could not care for the children.


    The other three children were raised through Elisabeth in the basement.

    In the end, Elisabeth got her freedom on 26 April 2008 at the age of 42.

    She was able to get away from the basement when the child became unconscious. Josef was willing to provide her with medical treatment.

    It was in this place when the cops were informed off by medical personnel and Elisabeth informed them of what happened to her.

    She continued to give cops the most horrific story of her time in captivity. Fritzl was detained and later was incarcerated.

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