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    why do divers shower?


    Viewers of those who are watching Tokyo Olympics are apparently somewhat confused by the behavior of divers participating in the diving contests.

    Divers typically emerge from the water after taking an underwater dive. They immediately take a shower on the edges of the pool even though they’re in the water. They then dry themselves using towels regardless of the fact that they’ll end up getting wet on the next dive.

    “Why do divers shower after each dive?” has been among the most searched Google results related to the Olympics in the past week.

    What is the reason? Since the platform diving competitions continue in this week’s edition, we had a discussion about the issue with Jacob Brehmer, the diving coach at Ball State University in Indiana to gain some clarity.

    What makes showers so different?

    As per Brehmer The answer is based on one element.

    “Divers shower in between dives typically just to keep themselves and their muscles warm,” He says. They generally shower in warmer water than the pool.

    Indoor swimming pools such as those at Tokyo Aquatics Centre. Tokyo Aquatics Centre must maintain water temperatures of at minimum 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 Celsius) or 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in accordance with FINA the organization that sets the rules for international watersport contests..

    “Usually after a diver does a dive, they will have to wait a good amount of time before their next dive,” Brehmer says. “The … temperatures on the deck may be frigid, so showering could help keep the muscles comfortable. Divers are an agile and precise sport. If the diver is uncomfortably stiff and cold, it could hinder the performance of the diver. “

    What is the reason they need tiny towels?

    Warm is one of the main reasons why divers and swimmers utilize small towels referred to in the term “shammy” – at major events.

    These towels are light and absorb water well, allowing the divers to quickly dry and stay comfortable, Brehmer says.

    Dry can be a sign of more secure and than competitive diving.

    “When the divers are flipping through the air, they are grabbing onto their legs and squeezing very tight,” the instructor says. “If the legs of divers are wet, it’s likely of … the hands could slip off their feet and they’ll exit the dive earlier, that could cause injury and, almost always, lower scores. “

    The reason why they tape the body by tape

    Olympic divers can perform astonishing achievements of Acrobatics in deep swimming pools at high speed and keeping their health of their muscles is a crucial aspect of how they perform.

    Any muscle strain could have severe effects. This is another reason why people put tape on their knees, backs or shoulder.

    It’s similar to the tape used by beach volleyball players and other.

    “Basically it just provides a little extra support and can relieve pain in muscles, joints and ligaments,” Brehmer says.

    In the sport of football, it is very competitive, where just a tiny bit of edge can mean the difference between winning an award or finishing in sixth place, the majority of athletes leave all of their decisions to the chance.

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