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    Why do we spray water over Olympic pools? The safety precautions


    The keen-eyed spectators of diving competitions at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics might have noticed an interesting image sprinkler water spraying on the bottom of the pools. It might seem harmless it’s not, but the spray is a security element that is not only used in Olympic dive events but also for any international competitions, as required by the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA). The group, which supervises competitions in six aquatic sports including diving, swimming artistic swimming, high diving water polo, open water swimming demands it for every diving event.

    Why? because it’s a surface agitator which gives a visual signal to divers to see where the pool is located in relation to the dive. It helps them decide when to begin the rotation phase as they dive into the pool.

    When you consider that a horizontal sprinkler machine is currently being utilized in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics it seems that the sub-surface bubble machine is also being used during the Games to protect divers from injuries.

    These aren’t the only security precautions for athletes participating in diving competitions, either. FINA has guidelines that cover every aspect of lighting sources to reflections, to the depth of swimming pools and water temperature, as well as the colors of flooring tiles

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