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    Xfinity Modem Blinking Orange Router


    If you see a flashing orange light on your XFINITY router it is likely that a firmware update is underway. The update could be downloaded or installed. It’s impossible to know where it is at as it happens. You want to wait for the router firmware update to complete. However, if it continues for too long, it could indicate that something isn’t working.

    Light Indicators for XFINITY Routers

    The majority of XFINITY routers communicate information using a blink pattern. However, the lights are still necessary. The orange blinking light indicates the status of the router and connection. It is important to know how long the orange light lasts.

    The router’s status will be indicated by a blinking orange light. You should not turn it off as you don’t want the firmware update to be interrupted.

    What’s Firmware on an XFINITY Router?

    Firmware is software that helps hardware communicate with other devices. Although your router is already equipped with a specific firmware, Comcast may occasionally update or change the firmware. These upgrades can be downloaded to your router via the internet without you having to give permission.

    How can I stop a Firmware Update?

    If you are using a router from Comcast, it is not a good idea to stop firmware upgrades. Many users have equipment that they own. However, many rent units during their service contracts. These units are Comcast’s property, and they are responsible for the firmware update of the XFINITY router.

    The routers’ lights are there to warn you that the firmware updates are taking place. The updates should be installed so that your router can perform its tasks and communicate with Comcast. Depending on where the update is at, stopping it could cause damage to your router.

    Hackers are also protected by updated firmware

    Could There Be Other Reasons for the Light to Appear?

    If the light remains on for a prolonged time, it could be a sign that the XFINITY Network is down. Before you reset or disconnect the router, there are several ways to check this.

    How to Fix an Orange Blinking Light on an XFINITY Router?

    After you have checked that the network is functioning, you can force the router’s firmware process to restart. If you are unable to get the router to restart, you might need to reset it.

    Wait at least one hour after you see the orange light to perform these steps. It can sometimes get stuck during firmware upgrades, but it is possible to fix it. It is important to give it time to complete before you begin messing around with the router.

    Check for an Outage with Comcast

    You can check Comcast’s outage status by accessing the website as long as you are able to access it.

    Log in to your Comcast Account. After logging in, click Help in the toolbar.

    Scroll down and click View status center. Check if your connection is functioning or if there is a problem with the service. You should still do the next step to verify that no issues were reported near you. Sometimes, your address isn’t tagged yet because nobody has reported an issue.

    If your services aren’t working, scroll down and click on the chat button to talk with an XFINITY agent. If you have any questions, they may be able help you.

    If there is no outage, it is time to get on top of your router to see if you can turn the light off.

    Restart your Router Via Comcast

    You can reset your router as long as you have internet access. This is a great way to quickly reset the router before you start working on it.

    Log in to your Comcast account. Click Support from the menu at the top.

    Click on Restart Modem.

    Click to Restart Your Device. While your router resets and reconnects, it will be offline. During this time, don’t access the internet.

    After the reset is completed, you can check if the orange light has gone. It could be a signal that the router firmware has been updated. It may take a while before it finishes.

    Soft Reset Router

    It is possible to soft reset your router regardless of whether or not you have internet. This will cause a disruption in the network connection between the XFINITY router, and the servers that are performing the upgrade. This is one option to reset the process, even though you should not do it if the upgrade is still in progress.

    Unplug both the modem and router. It’s better to reset both the modem and router than fix the problem.

    After waiting a while, plug the modem back into the computer.

    To see the status of the modem, watch the modem. Once the connection is active, plug the router in.

    Wait for the router’s light to come on and then check if the orange light has gone.

    It could return to the router after the upgrade is completed. It is possible that the firmware update has been completed. If it continues to recur, keep an eye on it.

    Router Reset Hard

    You may have to reset your router completely if the router suddenly stops working or the light keeps blinking orange. You don’t need to connect to the internet to reset your router. To push the button, you will need a folded paper clip or something similar.

    Some XFINITY routers come with buttons, while others have pinholes. It is important that you hold down the button until it resets. Plug it in again and attempt to make a connection. It will need to be reset with any previous customizations.

    Talk to Comcast

    If the blinking orange light continues, it is time to call Comcast. It could be an issue with your hardware. They can be reached at 1-800-XFINITY, or via the chat feature on your online account.

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