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    Zillow to Acquire ShowingTime, for $500M


    Seattle real property web site Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) is planning to buy, Inc., an online platform to schedule house showings, for $500,000.

    After the conclusion of the transaction subject to the usual closing conditions, such as the expiration or expiration of the waiting period applicable in accordance with the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, Zillow Group will continue to invest in ShowingTime and expand its involvement with partners and agents.

    The acquisition will help accelerate the use of ShowingTime’s technology, as buyers and sellers as well as industry partners and agents advance towards an efficient digital future.

    ShowingTime’s technology is expected to assist in increasing the number of tours as well as transactions to industry-related partners which includes Premier Agents. A lot of Zillow Premier Agents are already using the service. Zillow customers who book tours are buyers with high interest, and ShowingTime’s service allows for smoother tours for those buyers as well as sellers.

    Directed by Mike Lane, President, ShowingTime is a technology-based platform to simplify and enhance the overall experience for tourists. ShowingTime has a network of over 1 million realtors across North America and has developed connections to hundreds of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). ShowingTime organizes schedules behind back so that agents are able to arrange a house showing online and concentrate on their clientsinstead of having to coordinate a complicated procedure. The company in 2020 hosted greater than 50 million shows across the industry. Agents can change their listing’s availability for showings through the network, allowing agents for buyers who are interested to arrange home tours on the internet.

    ShowingTime will keep its current policies on data privacy and will remain an open platform to its current and potential partners -which include many who already use other services by Zillow Group, such as Dotloop and Bridge Interactive.

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